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Cambrian Castings

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High Quality Ferrous & Non Ferrous Castings


The Business

Cambrian Castings is a successful, family-run foundry in South Wales producing a range of castings in bronze, iron, aluminium, aluminium-bronze, gunmetal and lead. The type of castings made are wide-ranging, from cylinder heads, pump bodies and machine bases in cast iron, through to bronze propellers, architectural balustrades for Grade I Listed buildings, Fine Art sculptures for Award Winning Artists and brake blocks & firebars for Heritage Steam Railways.

As a small to medium volume foundry there is a greater emphasis on quality than quantity and they aim to provide that personal service with a friendly, open-doors policy. They welcome interest locally, across the UK and internationally so if you are interested in using Cambrian as your preferred supplier of iron, aluminium and bronze castings, Contact Us.

As a foundry that operates with very low scrap rates and produces little waste, the business not only controls costs but also limits it's environmental impact. As part of it's environmental commitment, it makes small donations to projects in England & Wales.  Click here for more information. 

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The Team and The Heritage

Cambrian Castings consists of a small team, managed and owned by Jon and daughter Lucy, who is 3rd generation to be in the foundry industry. Their knowledge spans back generations right back to 1953 with grandfather Ron Barnett.  The family's knowledge and passion for the foundry industry is not only a rarity today but invaluable for its customers. 

Jon Barnett Cambrian Castings

John Barnett

Lucy Barnett Production Diector

Lucy Barnett


Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal Grades

Cambrian Castings is fortunate to have the skills and the knowledge to produce multiple grades of ferrous and non ferrous castings. Thermal analysis is used for SG Ductile iron, Grey Iron and all Non Ferrous production is made from high quality ingot stock from suppliers certified to ISO9001. Tensile and Chemical certification can be provided if requested.  

Grey Iron Castings 

Up to 400kg's

180, 220, 250, 300

High Chrome Hematite (1%)

Heat & Wear Resistant: GM241

SG Iron Castings 

Up to 400kg's

420/12, 500/7, 600/3, 700/2 


Up to 280kg's 

LM6, LM25 and LM27


Up to 400kg's

AB1,  AB2

Bronze's, Gun Metal and Brass

Up to 400kg's

PB1,  PB2
LG,  LG2, LG4


Facilities & Types of Castings

The foundry uses chemically bonded, 'airsetting' sand for complex castings that require a high degree of accuracy and excellent surface finish. The sand system is running at chemical addition rates that are extremely low meaning they are producing castings both as environmentally friendly and as cost-effective as possible. For small castings in higher volumes they also use traditional greensand.   

The foundry can handle wooden, resin and polystyrene patterns but the vast majority of production is made in 'compacts', also known as 'boxless' moulding. As the business continues to grow, there are plans to add more moulding and melting capacity and introduce inorganic binder systems. 

Below are just a few types of castings that have and can be made in the foundry:

  • Cylinder Heads

  • Aluminium Heat Exchangers

  • Aluminium Data Base Heat Sinks

  • Grey Iron Machine Bases

  • Bollards

  • Lamp Posts

  • Steam Railway Castings

  • Gunmetal Bearing Housings

  • Sinker Weights


Enquiries from anywhere in the UK and overseas are welcome. If you have a demand for ferrous or non ferrous castings, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Foundry Address

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 01792 850912 or fill out the following form

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