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Metal Grades & Quality

Quality castings begin with quality raw materials and at Cambrian aluminium ingot and pig iron is supplied with certificate of analysis and only purchased from suppliers that are ISO9001 registered. This helps Cambrian produce high-quality castings free from contaminants.

No foundry can afford to produce scrap castings so there is an emphasis on process control and quality right from the first stage of casting production and this shows in both internal and external scrap rates. 

The machinability, tensile strength and casting integrity starts with premium ingot or pig iron and these properties are vitally important. The detrimental effects of poor quality scrap or contaminants can be a huge problem. At Cambrian Casting this risk is controlled with good process control. 


If you are looking to source quality castings, send enquiries for Grey Iron, SG Ductile Iron or one the range of non-ferrous grades to

The Grades

Grey Iron Castings 

Up to 400kg's

180, 220, 250, 300

4 Grades of Grey Iron for multiple applications. Grade 300 is specifically for engineering castings that require high tensile strength.

High Chrome Hematite (1%)

Ingot Moulds, furnace rings or any casting that needs heat resistance. 


As-cast, it is ideal for press tools, heat resistant and wear-resistant applications where there are high pressure contact points with other castings. This is a grade of cast iron that can be heat treated to produce martensite.

SG Iron Castings 

Up to 400kg's

420/12, 500/7, 600/3, 700/2 


Up to 280kg's 

LM6, LM25 and LM27


Up to 400kg's

AB1,  AB2

Bronze's, Gun Metal and Brass

Up to 400kg's

PB1,  PB2
LG,  LG2, LG4

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